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What Will You Get?


58 Comprehensive Case Study Interviews

Look over the shoulder of 6, 7 and even 8 figure online entrepreneurs as they show you their exact "Marketing Playbooks" to generate leads, make sales and create profits in their online business.

Downloadable PDF Playbook

Each case study has an accompanying PDF playbook you can download for a visual representation of each marketing process.

Lead Generation Secrets

Learn the most effective methods our top online playmakers are using right now to generate hundreds of quality leads each week... regardless of your budget or experience.

Conversion Hacks

Discover the exact "hacks" our top marketers use to convert more leads into sales and profits

What You Will Learn:

For Beginners

If you're on a budget and just getting started with your business online these case studies will show you simple, low tech strategies to begin growing your audience, generating leads, establishing your credibility and beginning to make sales online. 

Facebook Networking

On a budget? Social media networking can be a powerful strategy to strategically find high quality prospects and create instant conversations to build rapport and create sales. If you're new, technically challenged, or don't have a large budget, these case studies are for you!


Lead Generation & Sales Funnels

Lead generation is the life blood of your business. Without an abundance of fresh, quality leads your business can not grow. These case studies show a variety of simple lead generation funnels to generate leads and make sales day in and day out whether you're selling affiliate offers or your own products.

Webinar Marketing

Want to make more sales?  Webinar Marketing is one of the most effective methods to sell your offers 1 to many and really scale your business profits. These case studies show you exactly how top marketers are using webinars to make 10's of thousands each month!

Facebook Paid Ads

Facebook is without question one of the most powerful advertising platforms to create more exposure for your business, generate leads and create sales. These case studies show specific ad strategies where you get to see the entire process successful marketers are using to grow their business! 

Facebook Story Posts

Facts tell, stories sell. And on social media this couldn't be more true. Learn how to use story posts to create massive engagement, viral exposure, increase leads and make more sales in your business. This is a powerful strategy that can work in any niche for any product or service.

Content Marketing

A critical part to the success of your marketing is a powerful, engaging and conversion focused content marketing strategy. These case studies will show you how top marketers are using content to not just fill up their blog, but to actually generate leads, create powerful engagement and make more sales. Don't waste any more time blogging, or posting on social media until you watch these powerful case studies! 

Video Marketing

Since 2008 we've been using video to increase conversions and sales in our business. Today video is more important and more effective than ever. These case studies show exactly how top marketers are using video to expand exposure, generate more leads, establish credibility, trust and of course increase sales!


Generating leads is great! BUT... if you can't convert those leads into buying customers and raving fans you will struggle to grow and scale your business. In these powerful case-studies, we interview several very successful marketers that reveal their best conversion optimization strategies to maximize sales and revenue!

Consultation Sessions

Would you like to maximize your sales conversions? Would you like to sell higher profit offers to multiply your profits? Do you sell coaching, consulting or services? In these case studies our top marketers reveal exactly how they leverage free consultation sessions to greatly increase profits in their business.

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Feedback from some of our members:

Norbert you have done something Amazing!

With the Online Profit Playbook it's like sitting down in the office of a 6 or 7-figure earner and asking them, "What's your secret sauce...." and then having them show you step-by-step what they're actually doing right now in their business!!!!!!

There's no way I'd be able to get this kind of access to this caliber of marketers -- or get them to map out their successful marketing strategies for me -- anywhere but this Online Profit Playbook program.

This is my new cheat sheet and secret weapon!!

Sam Watkins  

Thanks for what you’ve put together here

Norbert, I have to hand it to you with your Online Profit Playbook… You’ve outdone yourself once again by being able to corner some of the best Play Makers on the Internet and having them share the specific processes they are using to scale and monetize their businesses.

For the person who’s been struggling to figure out how all this Internet stuff works or for the person who’s been unsuccessful at getting the results they desire... the exclusive, one-on-one, open playbook, behind the scenes access you’re providing from these 6 and 7 figure earners with your Playbook is Extraordinary to say the least!

It’s one thing to see “results” from Top Earners, it’s another to see the specific plan of action they use that details the exact “how” “what” and “why” to get those results.

Thanks for what you’ve put together here. I look forward to taking advantage of the Online Profit Playbook to get even better results!

Clint Humphreys 

Online Profit Playbook Premium Case Studies

58 Exclusive Case Studies that Reveal the Exact Marketing Strategies and Processes of the top 6, 7 and even 8 Figure Marketers Online!


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All of our products are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with the quality of the product simply contact us and request a full money back refund within 60 days of your purchase date. No questions asked.

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